Corfu Boat Electricians

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What we offer

In our Shop we can provide you all kind of electrical equipment and products such as Starters, Windlasses, Blowers and other.

Our company offers a range of the most technologically advanced electrical equipment. The possibility of reaching you everywhere you might be and offering our most efficient services is also provided. Our priority lies upon your needs and we always take into consideration the customers’ demands.

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Official Support

Our company’s innovation lies upon the ability of reaching you wherever you are and solving whichever problem you might face with the electrical part of your yacht. By taking into consideration the necessity of the electrical parts, we are disposable at any time and supply you with the most retrofit tools. Besides, your safety comes first!However, in case you need to purchase the essential equipment, you can always visit our store and kept updated upon the new, global trends. All our equipment possesses qualitative properties, with the most excellent one being the endurance. It is to be noted, that all our tools guarantee your security. The possibility of replacing or/and repairing the electric parts of your yacht is also provided.Nevertheless, our company does not only underlie the importance of the equipment, but also the existence of an expertise, qualified team. Thanks to its inveterate experience, our personnel guarantees rapidity, quality and therefore efficiency. Notwithstanding that our team fulfils all your demands, even the most difficult ones, it never rests assured. Its aim constitutes the neverending development of the electrology field.Beyond the fact that our members combine the theoretical, academic knowledge with the praxis, they continue to attend seminars and conferences, conducted by the most recognized electrical and power supplying companies (such as Mastervolt, Whisper Power, Victron, Opac Mare, Besenzoni, etc.). A further aim is to provide the electrotechnical support services to all the marinas all over Corfu, especially to the Gouvia Marina. However, wherever you are, do not hesitate to contact with us with any means and discuss properly about your needs and issues.
Ports and marinas all over Corfu Corfu Island has an ideal geographical position, which connects the Mediterranean to the Adriatic Sea. It is considered as a natural link between three countries and constitutes the capital of the Ionian Islands. During modern times, a necessity of communicating throughout the seas has been born, and, therefore, many harbours and marinas have been constructed to fulfil this purpose. Concretely, Corfu possesses some reputable harbours and marinas, with the most extraordinary one being the Gouvia Marina. Notwithstanding that other harbours and marinas are not remarkably famous, they still have their own, important part.
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