Official support in Corfu and Ionian Islands

Beginning as a company producing 500 WATT, light and compact portable generators - a series of products that actually made its name well known throughout the world- Mase Generators Italy is a 30-year manufacturer of power systems, offering a wide range of generators with an output from 1 Kw to 1600 KVA. Nowdays, we cannot think Mase Generators but as a leader in high quality, reliable products, and innovative research performed by the Research and Development Department.

Official Support for Mase in Corfu, Ionian Sea, Greece:

    Official Support

    Contact with us for any further detail and feel free for asking any questions. You can call as or find the direction on the map. We are here for any questions or enquiries. Phone: +306937178356 | 0040 722669943 Address: Kontokali 0, Marina Gouvia, Corfu 49100, Grece E-mail: info [at]